Work Ethics

This company has, from the very beginning, clear standards regarding the kind of Internet it would like to help create.

All content, from the start, has been original – all pictures and texts were personal creations. The company stands for

  • ecological responsibility
  • sustainability
  • fairness and freedom of the individual.

This might sound a bit high-brow, but it was quite simply implemented: in cooperation with artists, ecologists and photographers, there was from the beginning something like a natural inclination towards nature and creativity. We were using “green IT” and agile methods before firms like Google(tm) even existed. To this day, the firm concentrates heavily on open source software (like WordPress) and feeds thousands of texts and images under “free” licenses into the web.

The web sites and articles that were created over the decades have, therefore, a relatively clean image. We will help you get a better standing in the SERPs, improve your SEM and will speak to the audiences that are searching for what you have to offer.