Mission statement

strohm.IT is a multimedia online business model centralized around a catalog of stories, concepts and ideas that are used as a basis for generating revenue across all media channels.

The company is currently focused on strengthening relevancy for keyword clusters within the search engine result pages (SERPs).
Also, it is constantly expanding its publishing and advertising platforms.

Using a unique range of methods, strohm.IT is expanding its multichannel publishing concept and inventing new ways to saturate the blogosphere and social networks with fresh and original ideas.
The aim being to build strong and diversified revenue for its intellectual properties in both domestic and international markets.

strohm.IT uses “Maxiplication”, a publishing mechanism which helps creators and artists to develop, launch and participate in transforming high concepts into multi-market opportunities and multiplicator platforms.
The company, propagating proprietary content across a wide range of data formats, entices audiences with first-rate creative and innovative storytelling.